Chuck Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set

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Chuck Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set (Zachary Levi ornaments) was once a brilliant student in computer science at StanfordUniversity. When he was a senior, his friend Bryce slandered him stealing papers and robbed his girlfriend Jill. Subsequently he went to the dogs, working as an appliance repairman in Buy More supermarket in his hometown. By chance, Chuck’s life has undergone enormous changes. An old friend served at CIA sent him an e-mail, since then the world’s most secret espionage was implanted into Chuck’s brain. Chuck unwittingly became the government’s secret weapon. The survival of the whole world only depended on his decision. Odd jobs in supermarket and saving the world became Chuck’s daily work. What interesting things will happen then?

The whole Chuck Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Setis very humorous, often let you laugh. It is a comedy, but it is not the kind of sitcom I hate. The actor is also handsome and cute, and the heroine is pretty cool. The greatest charm of this drama is that you not only love the protagonists inside, even the supporting casts were all together loved. Speaking of this, I must mention geek services nerd herd of Buy More supermarket. When they are at work, actually they make pranks. Big mike, the supermarket manager, has taken interest of the supermarket on himself. So he often oppressed workers, but often got resistance. He was so poor a manager, facing a bunch of hopeless children. And he preferred Hamburg and donuts, which you could see from his body.

In addition to the appealing characters in Chuck Seasons 1-5 DVD Box Set, espionage story is also good. Chuck is just like a live computer. When his eyes saw spy information or he heard them, his head would flash quickly. Soon all spy information came out from his head. Any case can not do without him. He is very witty and brave.